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E-Scooter start-up

Besides the activities as a transformation consultant, I am consultant and co-founder of the start-up eStarling.io of the University of Stuttgart dealing with micromobility, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.

The start-up is embedded in a project for sustainable mobility called Mobility Living Lab of the University of Stuttgart.

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart are currently developing a self-driving e-scooter. This is due to be integrated into the e-scooter rental system on the campus. The e-scooters use a modern control system to drive to the next port of call without the need for a driver. A distribution algorithm optimizes the availability of the e-scooters on the campus. A self-driving e-scooter will replace ten normal e-scooters in an e-scooter rental system.

(Source: Booklet MobiLab [de])

Press references (Stuttgart Newspaper) [de]

Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control (IST)

Mobility Living Lab
Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart

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